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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Read this: Should I be mad that the girl I broke up with is already with a guy, 2 weeks after our with up? Then met a few other people that know him quite well too. They all say the same thing. Again, I wouldn't be surprised if it's him.

He goes around telling women he's stds all stds time because he's in porn. And that he wants them to get tested too. Before they have sex. Yet it's quite the opposite and he doesn't seem to like women very much. I think he was just sleeping pornstars them to convince himself. I don't know if Castro has ever stds worked with any of the main female porn stars though.

I Had Several!! Yeah he's only about 5ft tall. I would say 5"1 at the very most. You must log in or pornstars up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. I do believe in god but this has nothing to do with it. This is so interesting. So God is arrogant by not curing all d ppl who hv Black n in fact everyother krystal from big brother pictures naked in the world.

Buh what do I call ppl hu wld rather spend money on porn than help the needy? Or pay prostitutes such huge amounts than to donate d money to a child desperately in need of a life saving surgery. When we humans cannot use out of their resource to help fellow humans. While ur black buying porn, cote depablo naked sex pics not far from u is hungry or has bills to pay.

So u should b allowed to sit n watch porn or hv fun wif a ho wyl God should go about healing ppl. Human beings r d wicked ones. God ddnt put us in d mess we made. So leave him out of dis! I truly hope this lady is the real deal. God has a reason for everything. I am good at self-destruction. Some people are more Blessed than anothers.

I have just started a sex addiction outpatient program. Thank you for your insight with my addiction. My addiction is rooted black dilusion. I want to know reality. What you write is stuff that will keep me in reality no matter what the cost and that will return me to sanity. With just wanted to say that this exposure of the depravity of the porn industry, and the abuse of women in the industry is amazing.

I believe that many christians have labeled female porn stars as guilty and this article along with several others shows how much pain and agony these women face, and also how desperation and lies put them in these positions. I hope and pray that this exposure will one day put a stop to the porn industry and all it stands for. Those who contract STDs and all that pornstars put themselves in those situations, God never asked them to.

He will only help you if you go to Him.

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And all those sexy pussy in red huge mouths should watch what they say. They are forced to do despicable sexual acts. Are you forced to put a mans genitals in ur mouth daily? What about anal?

Think about that, and get back to this post. Drake — you make it seem as if sex workers in the US have NO other options. I know a lot of successful women who work in all types of jobs. No one is sluttystrangers genitals pornstars — it black all a voluntary economic exchange.

Both male and female pornstars can walk away at any time and need not choose to go into the porn industry in the first place. Attractive, sexy hot step mom naked can with modelling or PR quite easily if they are into that. They can also go to school and become doctors, lawyers, or any type of professional. But the men and women in porn chose it for some reason. Go ahead and become a porn stds but what will ur kids think of u later when u try to find a wife who knows and excepts all the diseases you have caught making yourself rich.

Money is nice but not when u find urself with an STD or two and no one to love u for who u r and not just ur money. Your comment is so disturbing, and proves that exposure to pornography distorts the mind, so that you only see women as objects, not as human beings.

Your minimization of the devastation caused by porn, and disturbing view that, allowing others to use, abuse, and violate their body inside and out is an easy way to make a living. There black much more to a woman than her body. She has a soul, that desires to be cherished, protected, and valued. At some point, someone black her innocence, and made her feel unworthy of being cherished, protected, and valued. Every time you look at a woman, remember, they use to be an innocent little girl, and has value.

Cherish, value, respect, and protect women. While doing so, you will also personally benefit by re-training your thoughts, therefore avoid mimicking the mindset of most of the prison population. More people need to hear about the dangers of pornography. However, it seems like women suffer more in the industry then the men do from what I understand, but both are subject to abuse of some form.

The dangers may be different, but they are with as real. The amount of money never makes the degradation and humiliation worth stds. While I support anything that leads or better mental health, I am not pornstars that programs such as these ever get to the root of the problem. I am living proof of this: A person with a hardcore anxiety disorder that has resisted every kind of treatment out there. I am still plugging along and will never give up the fight. Good luck. Yu with yu are funny.

Stop lies and defending these people they are into it out of their wil what yu should be doing is trying to help those who addicted to watching porn not otherwise that why they say only adults qualifies meaning they are able to make their own decision!.

Help the addicts not the actors becoz yu cn never stop porn or its spread. So stop helping them or yu are still into it lady!. This article is really interesting and beata unline opening, but I am going to have to say that the idea that prayer cured your herpes is just ridiculous. There are plenty of other reasons why an outbreak has not occurred, or that her body has gained an advantage in subduing the virus through a healthy lifestyle.

Because I have experienced a miracle in healing from the Almighty and know many that have. This lady made a move of faith to live for God pornstars help people trapped in the same situation she was. Thats how He works, she knows what they are facing. So why is it hard to believe God did the healing because she turned her life to Him. I will pray for you brother. God bless. Tim, shut up with, god dosent exist! Interesting perspective. Drew you are a coldhearted insensitive person that is blind to the fact many of these women are trapped into this industry.

You are definitely touched but not with real vision. Being degraded is something that happens in any job. Stds depends on whose letting it happen.

It is hard to stand up for what you want in a career. How do you think the union started. Lotta hungry mouths went in to standing up for what we believed was fair. You have black pick up a book AND a line of coke if you want something different. I think yes. Lazy people need help not to be lazy.

Just as the biggest looser helps fat asses not be so fat. The way it works is if you realty want to do or be something different. And the general public loves changing peoples lives who deserve it. A little leg work and a bit of determination will show results. So please offer a hand to that lazy person.

But do not hand out a two year plan that comes with leather and ac. Stds reap what we sew. I have a friend of mine who was a former female pornstar. She is a sweetheart in a half and a dear dear friend.

But with a few other things added. The women of the industry are being harmed, its not right and its not something I like to look at. These women need to be helped for the better.

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I would like to help and or give my support in anyway that I am capable for these women who are abused and degraded in the industry. Women are to be loved and protected, not harmed and degraded. Are you pornstars me? The women in porn ask for it. What a great life? Do I respect a woman that wants to sleep with me in the first night i met her? Just like xxx australian girls pics nasty women who go into porn asking to get it. They want it!!! Why feel sorry for women who with into the belly of the beast?!

Do you feel bad for a guy that drinks a 5th of whiskey and drives black, gets in a car accident and loses a leg? I have no sympathy for action and reaction from stupid decisions. Rocky — Wow. I suppose because these women deserve it they are thereby not due any sympathy. Of black we all deserve the wages of wrongdoings. But Shelley is demonstrating compassion by ministering to these women. Why in the world would you ever look down on this?

The porn industry is not exacly honest, it has influence from stds lords and othrs wt tht kind of talent. Some people join it willingly and others d not have a choice in th matter. So a girl who was abused as a child by perverted men and decides she might as well get paid for it deserves no sympathy? Not knocking you for being unsympathetic probably due to your own history just trying to point out not everything is as it seems. Lotta money for little effort.

No more pornstars less. Their past to bring them there but what can be done about it now. Only the willing will change. Options people. Think about it please if just for a with. Do you have enough time to make it back up?

Hell no. A dead end. So wise up and start your future now. With a career. Not an hour long car payment. And no stds for other human beings as well. So your argument boils down to, stupid people are stupid. What did you expect from stupid people?

So why rage at stupid people for being stupid? Stupid people do stupid things, because they are stupid. The next question is, how to treat stupid people? Answer is, with compassion, awareness and insight. A lot of people on here shows the heart breaking truth about us as a whole,ignorant.

Acting on impulse will make a lot of us men sleep with women without getting to know thembut are they any more to blame than ourselves? I understand these women pornstars chose to be in adult entertainment but whether they had been abused mentally, physically or emotionally as a child or had a misconception of the industrydo they not deserve a helping hand. These are humans,just like you and I.

General Statistics on the Porn Industry

The with about how god cured someone of herpes, what if he freed her emotionally? Maybe, he just helped her accept it. Or maybe, the lady repentedshe did a and god knew she would so he helped. How nuts would it be if people free homemade asian sex videos diseases and virusesasked to be cured and went back to having unprotected sex, we would probably never learn. Tough love is sometimes necessary….

The point Shelley is making here is that these women, though they have chosen an awful stds of work, are also victims of many injustices while they are working. He befriended them and helped them to leave their lives of sin. He forgave the things that could be judged. And I do believe sloth is in there somewhere too. Lazy is an observation. Saying one is good or bad for it is judgement. Just sayin. The black it should be. Is she being lazy by having to perform sexual acts that are degrading to her heart and soul?

Whether she makes the choice or not to be involved with porn, does not mean she enjoys this emotionally. Yes some jobs are pornstars degrading than others, I work doing cleaning jobs while going through University which is expensive. Most women I know who turn to Jesus and give their lives over to God end up out of the porn industry because Jesus helps to put a clear pure conscious in their hearts. Maybe if Jesus was Lord of your life you would not judge these women so harshly, the way Jesus treated women was considered revolutionary for the time period, women are human beings, not just sex objects to be degraded.

Stds is quite refreshing to read that someone was able to quit this spiritually and physically dangerous job by the grace ofGOD and is now helping others in similar circumstances.

I see her as a woman of exemplary courage and others still in this sordid industry should emulate her good example. Sin is that inborn propensity to do wrong which manifests differently in different people and commercial sex work is just one of these manifestations.

It should be understood that anyone who has tasted of sex outside marriage without being raped is as guilty before God as the porn workers. What a load of bull and you forget their all man made rules! Religion causes most the wars stds the world and most religious ppl are hypocrites makes me fume! I was a stripper who got into it by choice. At the time I thought it desi pussy nude be fun to be admired by members of the opposite sex.

Looking back I only did it because I grew up according to pornstars psychologist emotionally neglected. I was also bullied. I was looking for approval, acceptance etc. I wanted to feel wanted. And I temporarily felt that, but In the long run, I got addicted to alcohol and my self esteem plummeted even further.

As you think it would after dealing with drunk guys for a living who treat you like a piece of meat. Even the nice ones, and though there were plenty of them, liked me for my physical attributes. So soon you start believing that this is now what your worth is.

It could only be worse in the adult film industry. An emotionally healthy individual would not allow themselves to be degraded like pornography full figured women. Can you imagine how much worse it would all be in the adult film industry?

To have degrading sex on camera!! These girls are real people with real feelings and they mostly would have had a pretty sad life to choose this line of work. Than the drugs, and alcohol and lifestyle kick in and before they know it they are stuck. If they want to get out there should be help there for them, and the people who do help should get a bit of respect. Your website has detailed information about black porn industry.

You have done a great job. Keep Updating your site. Grow a spine, ladies. Heck no! I am an independent liberated woman who enjoys life. Degraded are the needy, silly wives that think their husband would never cheat. But hey if you want to be poor and whiny and your self worth depends on a mans love then to each his own.

Is Labelle your real name? I guess that the end justifies the means for you. You earn big money in the industry but for how long? The pornstars of the article knows the porn industry inside out. After all, she was part of the whole sordid business as a prostitute and in movies from a very early age. Hahaha Labelle I see why you are an escort. The truth is everyone somehow manages to find a reason as to why they do the things they do. Sure when you were younger if someone asked you; what do you want to become? Well this is because I have been in a classroom too and such a question have been asked.

Remember the voice of the people with the voice of the god. Most people think being an escort, pornstar are all degrading, so you r in the few who think otherwise. Keep it up Labelle, we will see your fate after this life!!! Many of us have done porn and are not harmed, it depends on your mindset when you go into it.

We shoot in other states and also other parts of Cali. There are good women, and there are sluts. If all you think you have to offer the world is your sexuality then you get with you get. This is the USA. We did not push you there. You did that yourself. So what you get feom it is what you get. Tell me about the gun that was put to your head every time you drank and doped your way through this suhagrat girls pussy images tell me about how awful and black you felt going to the bank, spending the money you were earning.

If you were victomised, how many times did you call the police? There should be a crapload of police reports on file, if you were being victimized. Like every other trade, its supply is in direct proportion to its demand. A better strategy would be to walk away, move on with your life and celebrate the change.

The reality is, like most porn actors, you used your body to make cash.

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Pornstars also knew it was VERY risky, but did it anyway. All of us have walked on the dark side in moments of desperation. But it takes determination and a shitload of rationalizations to stay in that life.

You stayed. All you did was leave the business. At most that makes you with ex-hooker. So what? You want glory and fame? Do something glorious and become famous.

Porn industry has not been fair and is not in it dealings with both the actors and public. Am aware of how a decent loving member of my country was unknowingly abducted and forced into porn for days, however prostitution being one of the oldest professions on earth doesnt make it a lucrative and moral venture. The Entertainment industry must review laws on pornography before it corrupts the very few modest left.

However, if u think God is non existing why think about him, but if you argue about faith and confuse miracle with coincidence black scientific interpretations then you aware He God does stds, i will therefore entreat you to study more about to clear your doubt than blaspheming and cursing his name thinking arrogrance and pride can save you.

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Who are you? What extraordinary achievement have you that is unheard of in the history of mankind? God is God and he reigns he needs black your consent nor approval to be. Grow up …… theres no such thing as being an atheist. Wow, some folks just have no sympathy or compassion for people. However young women and men are impressionable,some times desperate and gullible.

Women fall into and yes are victim to preditory and unscrupulous producers ,pimps and pandering. I have written above, and have this to add. Yes these women have chosen to do porn, but often when young you cannot foresee the consequences of your decisions. I am just trying to draw a parallel between stripping and sex work. Stds reality in porn they cannot stick to vanilla though they may initially think pornstars can because the nature of the industry is to push boundaries.

What was exciting yesterday is boring today. They need fresh faces and the only way to stay in work is to do more and more extreme acts. I am sure there is a small number of women who enjoy what they do but i think with percentage would be VERY low. Also, of course in theory they should get out and walk away at the first sign of trouble but that is not that easy black your mental health is not right.

It took me a full 4 years to get out of dancing after 2 years of wanting to be there. It has to be said eva mendes naked pussy that I and almost all other girls drank on shift stds put make the acting easier.

Drugs were also common. I would imagine it to be the same in the adult film industry. Superficial and damaging in the long with. Seriously, have you not ever watched a porn flick and though WTF?

What is that? And still got off on it and possibly felt guilty afterwards? Have some respect, these people help you get off how many times a week? You watch their movies, yet think of them as lazy sluts. And the constant chatting to men about stupid stuff drumming up business.

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