Can monks have sex

Will being Enlightened get me laid?

The Buddha's teaching arises out of a wish for others to be free from dukkha.

Can you have sex before marriage?

According to the doctrine he taught, freedom from suffering involves freedom from sexual desires can the training Pali: sikkha to get rid of the craving involves to a great extent abstaining from those desires. Theravada uses the pali suttas and commentaries for references. Bhikkhu Nyanamoli has provided an English Translation of the Majjhima Nikaya 41, "He is given over to misconduct in sexual desires: he has intercourse with such women as are protected by the mother, father, mother and fatherbrother, sister, relatives, as have a husband, sex entail a penalty, and also with those that are garlanded in token of betrothal.

Apart from certain schools in Japan and Tibet, most who choose to practice Buddhism as ordained monks and nunsalso choose to live in celibacy. Sex is seen as a serious monastic transgression. Within Theravada Buddhism monks are four principal transgressions which entail expulsion from the monastic Sangha : sex, theft, murder, and falsely boasting of superhuman perfections.

The Buddha's criticism of a monk who broke his celibate vows—without having have first—is as follows:.

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Haven't I taught the Dhamma in many ways for the sake of dispassion and not for passion; for unfettering and not can fettering; for freedom can clinging and not for clinging?

Yet here, while I have taught the Dhamma for dispassion, you set your heart on passion; while I have taught the Dhamma for unfettering, you set your sex on being fettered; while I have taught the Dhamma for freedom from clinging, you set your heart on clinging.

Haven't I in many ways monks abandoning sensual pleasures, comprehending sensual perceptions, subduing sensual thirst, sex sensual thoughts, calming sensual fevers? Worthless man, it would be better that your penis be stuck into the mouth of a poisonous snake than into a woman's vagina.

It would be better that your penis be stuck into the mouth of a black viper than into a woman's vagina. It would be better that your penis be stuck into a pit of burning embers, blazing and glowing, than into a woman's vagina. Why is that? For that reason you would undergo death or death-like suffering, but you would not on that account, at the have of the body, after death, fall into deprivation, the bad destination, the abyss, hell Rather, it inspires lack of faith in the faithless and wavering in some of the faithful.

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The people who choose a celibate lifestyle 'desire' not to have suffer in a different way from people that choose to have sex 'desire' to have. But all people monks too suffer when it comes to sex, if they have have.

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Mostly, mine see me alone. Yes, he replied, but they involve vastly different degrees of entanglement. Celibacy or no, happiness comes and goes. My householder world still beckons.

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The Problem With Sex in Buddhism

And it's about how we pay attention -- nonjudgmentally and compassionately towards ourselves. Does marijuana increase sexual desire? But can practicing mindfulness actually help bring awareness in the bedroom, as well as on the meditation cushion? Yes, says Lori A. Her research has found that sexual mindfulness can be useful in a variety of situations, including compulsive sexual behaviors, intrusive sexual thoughts, sexual aversion, low desire, chronic genital pain and erectile dysfunction. They can open their eyes and take note of visual sensations.

They can tune into their own heart rate as they become aroused.

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For Buddhists, the "why" of an act, its motivation, is as critical as the act itself. But because I now knew that some monks did sometimes masturbate, I wondered if they were also having sex with each other.