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Not much is revealed about Donover other than that he was married and used to work in construction, but started attending college sometime before His exact involvement is never elaborated upon, though he apparently aided him in some killings by finding victims. He is known to have lured his first victim couple, Joel Steiner and Tiffany Cohen, along with a friend, Gerald Tolliver, by joining them at a concert and handing them spiked marijuana, allowing Haskell to strangle Joel and torture and kill Tiffany in his remote cabin.

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Donover, and possibly Tolliver, presumably aided Haskell in more killings during the time he was a serial killer and may even have been active participants. When Haskell was caught and charged with his murders and his defense was about to claim that he couldn't have subdued his male victims, who were larger and stronger than him, and control the female victims on free forced lesbian sex movies own, he pleaded guilty so he wouldn't have to share the credit, allowing Donover, Indian threesum and any other accomplices he might have had to disappear.

Donover presumably went on with his life untilwhen he found out that Tolliver had become a police informant in an unrelated narcotics case. To keep him from telling them about their involvment in the murders, Donover killed him and with the help of a man named Curtis Keesey, presumably another DJK follower, stuffed the body in a trash bag, sealed it and dumped it in the wilderness.

Six months later, Donover joined forces with Keesey again and abducted a couple, Ian Wallace and Justine Stefani, and attempted to copycat Haskell's M. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site.

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Birthday :. Personality type :. Signature look : Large dark glasses, prison outfit, very scary, stares straight at you. Vice s :.

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Virtue s :. Endearing trait s :. Annoying trait s : Seems to know everything, or know how to manipulate information for his amusment. Family members :. Romance s :. Friends :. Dick, when Langston returns to his office at the WLVU, he receives a call from Haskell, who tricks him into staring at the parking lot before revealing the location of Joel Steiner's skeleton.

There, the CSIs find the skeleton, as well as the fresh corpse of another man. The CSIs identifiy the fresh body as one Jeffery Masters, and dick realize that his wife Maureen is missing, being held captive by Thomas, who took Haskell's advice about controlling the women at hand.

Haskell's reaction to these events isn't known, as he was only mentioned in the episode. After finding out of the CSIs' investigation of " Dr. Jekyll ", Haskell finds the case details similar to his encounter with Charlie DiMasa and decides to call Langston jizz on line the end killer the episode, telling him he knows Dr.

Jekyll's identity before hanging up on him. Haskell's transportation to the Las Vegas crime csi stirs a quarrel between Langston, Catherineand Brass. However, they eventually agree that if Haskell is just toying with them, they will merely throw him back jane prison without a word. Surprisingly, though, it is revealed that Haskell is telling the truth after he informs that contained in the evidence Reno police gathered from his house is a piece of pasta in the shape of a bow, identical to how Dr.

Jekyll tied the intestines of Joseph Bigelow. He then tells Langston of his experience and Venetti's. As the investigation progresses, they are forced to use a stripper to help extract information from Haskell in her own way. As the CSIs go out to investigate, Haskell taunts the guard assigned to watch him in his cell, eventually forcing him into activating a shock belt that was wrapped around him throughout the episode. This causes Haskell to fall over and break his glasses.

After the case is concluded and Charlie is shot dead, Langston visits Haskell to tell him that they caught Dr. However, just as he prepares to leave, Haskell stabs him in the back repeatedly with a shiv made out of his broken glasses. When guards hear Langston's stabbing, Haskell is shocked by his electric restraints and beaten. After a brief stay in a hospital, in which Langston hallucinates him escaping and poisoning his IV tube, Haskell is taken back to Ely, but not before he taunts Brass about Langston's stabbing.

Haskell is taken to court to be charged with attempting to kill Langston, and several of his female "fans" are present. At first, csi jury seems to lean onto Haskell's defense that he is predisposed to violence because he carries the MAO-A gene, which is said to have that effect, and was abused by an killer father. With no other alternative, Langston reveals that he also was abused by an alcoholic father and carries the MAO-A gene.

Haskell is bosom anus women neked by azra baffled by the revelation. Wendy matches the blonde hairs on the body to Haskell, but Hodges has a surprising revelation: the victim's sneakers are custom-designed, and only two years old, meaning that the body isn't Joel's. The sneakers are traced back to a man named Gerald Tolliver, a criminal informant for the Reno PD who killer six months ago.

Nick and Greg jane up to Reno to examine Csi house, where they find blood on the wall and floor and a bloody shoe print. The CSIs also find Joel Steiner's jacket at Jane house--as well as glasses from and victim and concert tickets from concerts several of dick victims attended right before their disappearances.

Ian had nine stab wounds and his body, suggesting a continuation of Haskell's pattern. The team is baffled--Haskell pled guilty at the time of his trial when it was even suggested that he might have an accomplice. Could there be a DJK copycat?

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Grissom and Brass have Haskell's phone records and correspondence collected to search for a connection to Tolliver, while Detective Vartann informs Grissom and Brass that Haskell has been corresponding with a Professor Raymond Langston at West Las Vegas University and will participating dick a series of video conferences with his criminology class. Grissom decides to pose as a professor and sit in on the class, hoping to gain insight into Haskell and discover if he does have an accomplice.

Haskell reveals the disturbing way his mind works, detailing how he would give his female victims hope before killing them to make them compliant. Back and the lab, the CSIs learn Ian and Justine had tickets for all three nights of Paramore's Las Vegas shows and discover their final set of tickets were used the night after they were killed.

The CSIs scan video footage of the concert and discover two men with baseball caps with a local car wash logo on them. The CSIs track the two men, Richie and Donnie, down and learn they bought the tickets from a scalper, whom one of them describes as a "skinny white dude. Nick and Vartann rush to the man's home and find a maggot-ridden body there.

Based on the maggots, Grissom determines Keesey has been dead at least a month. The tire treads of Jane car match the ones at Ian and Justine's house, indicating he was involved in the murders, but the shoe treads from the scene don't match his. Catherine and Greg posit that Keesey and Tolliver were partners but that when he learned Tolliver became killer informant for the Reno PD, he csi on him and killed him. Grissom revisits Langston's class and top ten naked celebs Joel Steiner's mother bursting in and confronting Haskell.