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Insecurity about infertility? Guilt about carrying on while your kids are struggling? Why drunk. Stress about orchestrating the family holidays? Rather, I feel out of the loop. More preemptive self-defense, I have no issues with this fact, but the casting choice feels pretty intentional. Ma goes on to get two very different knocks at the door.

After some pants shitting, ma gets her the fuck out of the door, just to open it again to find some dude in a panda suit sent to sing her daughter a arnold schwartzenpecker bday tune.

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That is, until the Courtney Stodden nanny accidentally bumps into him, causing him to slump into the cake, essentially blowing the cover. What I can also appreciate is that this short is more likely to speak to a broader audience.

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Then comes installment number three, and goddamn, this bitch is a snoozer. My biggest issue is that it had trouble holding my attention, which, yano, is sort of a pretty monumental deal breaker.

It took me three tries just now to go back and get the title because I kept zoning out within seconds of hitting play. The only parts I drunk enjoy are the subtle missteps when speaking about the natives who used to inhabit the hills, highlighting the cringiness of when knowledge drunk other cultures runs only as deep as feather headdresses at Coachella. But goddamnit, the rest is so stupid. If anything, it paints young women in not the most flattering light.

Thirsty Thursday: I Watched XX And It Was Pretty EH | DRUNK IN A GRAVEYARD

Off to a great start, we are. Did it drunk work? Or did it and then got pregnant again right away? First, being a drunk that also calls bullshit when bullshit is due, eggs are fucking gross. Second, where the fuck is this going? The literally sprinkled fake blood on some Kiss everlasting nails and called them props. A fucking plus. But hey, as far as I know, XX is the first of its kind.

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