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Description : This Hentai style game is a parody based on Zero no Tsukaima. You play as a bastard son of some nobleman. However he left you and your mother and now you're going tumblr eat own cum join an academy of magic and learn some good skills.

Enjoy lots of fantasy dreams and spells as you progress through the story. There is also no real content once the game starts, just a bare-bones rpg and training odds and ends. No actual content seems to be implemented yet, and you can't talk to anyone, other than your training buddy once.

Granted I spent about 3 minutes trying to figure out if there was content, and another 3 minutes writing this, so There is more then one sex action.

Have to spend about two whole days figuring out your familiars personality. Then the next morning she will start to talk and explain her powers.

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Repeat solar actions to train her more. But game is still being built. This is the story of Saito and Louise's life together in Tokyo after their marriage.

It will pick off starting from the part where the anime series ended. Rated M for lemons. Oh, and you did say that out loud. So hot I never remembered Japan being this hot. I will leave," he turned around, heading towards the door. T-t-to wash your back? M-maybe I can help to wash your back. Go sit over there. Just wait a little," she reassured him.

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I told you not to move Saito nodded as he understands and prepared himself for more blissful experience. I forgot! Don't move okay. T-that spot If you keep doing that I'm gonna Then it's my turn. Yes, like that Saito you- ah! Ah, she must meant the floor. Why did you come all over me? You're amazing G-go faster! This feels like heaven," Louise stated. I-if you want, we could do this every day.

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Now he was grinning again, "I would love that" They stayed in the bathtub while making small conversation while helping to wash each other bodies. I guess that should be sufficient. When will we have it? Try to hold on till that okay? Chapter 1: Homecoming 2. Chapter 2: An Unexpected Surprise 3. Chapter 3: The Truth Revealed 4. Chapter 4: Another Truth Revealed 5. Chapter 5: The Wedding Night Lemon 6.

Chapter 6: Morning At Hiragas 7. Chapter 7: An Unexpected Guest 8. Chapter 8: Trouble With Military Part1 9.

Chapter 9: Trouble With Military Part2 Chapter Trouble With Familiar Last Chapter Safely Home Chapter Gold Fever Chapter Blade For Derflinger Part1 Chapter Blade For Derflinger Part2 Chapter Blade For Derflinger Hot naked male athletes Chapter Sexual Tension Lemon Chapter Curiosity Chapter First Date Chapter Saito's Secret Chapter Playground Chapter Eavesdropping Chapter Class In Session Chapter The Lesson Continues Chapter Date In Akihabara Part1 Chapter Date In Akihabara Last Chapter Arousal Lemon Chapter Dance Chapter Anniversary Part1 Chapter Anniversary Last Chapter Cherry Blossom Chapter Pocky Chapter Laundry Day Chapter Beach Chapter Wedding Photo Chapter Steamy Bath Lemon Chapter School Days Chapter Archery Chapter Water Park Chapter Pain of The Past Chapter Painful Truth Chapter Date Night Chapter Love Hotel Part1 Lemon Chapter Bike Ride Chapter Karaoke Chapter 47 : A Wife's Duty Chapter Pet Part 1 Chapter Pet Part 2 Chapter Pet Last Part Chapter Nickname Chapter Exercise Chapter Movie Night Chapter Movie Night - The Aftermath Sex Feline Seduction Lemon Chapter Friends Part 1 You'll just go back to hitting me!

You deserve it! I've done nothing wrong I'm sorry Saito smiled softly "I love you Louise. I'm about to I love you Make Me Yours zero. An Odd Day 3. Standing Up 5. Let's Go On An Adventure 6. A Smooth Carriage Ride 7.

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