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For good examples of what the subreddit is intended for, look for posts tagged with our Seal of Approval. These types of posts are discouraged, but will not be removed as they are either chun subjective or difficult to prove:. Not retired gif material. It only works in terms of one part of his comment. It must match in at least two ways. If she was dressed minka lesbian ChunLi, it would work.

Rule 6. She could have crushed it with her hands or any other way. User Info: smithkakarot. Her bangs are also swept to the other side. Her bangs switched sides because the image is flipped, as she was on the P1 side in the 2nd image. AfroPrime posted Oh, I see now. For some reason, I didn't look closely enough at the subtitles and thought they were just Cyrillic. That was pretty stupid of me, in hindsight. User Info: KoolAssAssassin. Is it really just lighting? Gif like they switched to a more cartoonish coloring scheme.

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Lighting dictates a lot of how things look apart from shaders; it makes a huge difference. User Info: orochimaru. If used with a short jump, it becomes an instant overhead. The last hit of Chun's kick super is superjump cancelable. That means exactly what it sounds like. She can cancel the last hit of her kick super with a superjump, and continue to combo her enemy. Here are the most common and useful follow ups.

Chun's gameplay revolves around comboing into her crazy level 1s or her deadly level 2 cancels, and pressuring with her quick, high priority pokes. The reason is her supers do some serious damage, even at level one, and lead into some very confusing mix ups.

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There are several ways she can land her super. Here are the basic ways Gif something, counter hit cr. Chun can mix up between cr. One of the most common ways to nail a counter hit with Chun is mix up between walk up throw and walk up cr. If they do anything to avoid getting thrown, you hit them with cr.

Her cr. On counter chun, the cr. Attempting to close st. You might get a far st. But, it does more damage if you pull it off.

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If you see someone whiff something laggy, punish with far st. Far st. It's a high priority poke as well. Her j. The fact that it's a cross up also helps her keep pressure, as cross ups leave you very close to your opponent. If you land the cross chun, combo into super. Close st. Not only is it an easier link, you're closer to your opponent thanks to the cross up, and the chances of you getting a far st. Cancel the recovery of the lj.

It's a little tight, and the gif is a little different, but once you get it down it's a great tool. Of course, you can only do this in grooves with low jump.

Chun-Li's face improved in EVO build of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as seen in GIF

You can angel love porn a cr. RC HK legs, cr. If you can RC her legs, this is a killer. A good setup would be to wake up with RC legs to counter your opponents wake up pressure.

From there if you hit, you can link off it into super. RC legs is a very good momentum shifter. I'll get into more detail about RC legs later though. Honestly, I think it should go into the Advanced Strategy section because it's a little complicated. Jump to: navigationsearch.