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#idontknowwat2do My wife gives birth to my Son in the car .

C-sections have been performed for thousands of years, but until the last century or so they were almost exclusively done to save the baby when the mother was dead or dying.

10 GIFs & Birthing Scenes That Are Totally Inaccurate, But Still Hilarious

The C-section performed in was different. A woman had labored for several days without giving birth when her husband, a sow gelder someone who spays pigs for a livingperformed the C-section.

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He likely succeeded because his career in animal husbandry made him familiar with anatomy. Nevertheless, it can be triggered by, among other things, the increased hormones during pregnancy. Desire for a safer delivery — and the ability to get pain management — have played a role in gif cultural shift.

The chloroform was administered by groundbreaking physician John Snow, who was criticized birth it by the Lancet, the influential medical journal. Of course, pain management during labor was soon normalized. According to a multi-national study by giving Commonwealth Fundthe US had the highest death rate out of 11 wealthy countries, seeing 14 women die everybirths.

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Sweden had the lowest rate, with 4 gif deaths perbirths. Semmelweis made the student doctors wash their hands in a solution of chlorinated lime before each exam, and the death rate dropped dramatically. Semmelweis's discovery is a big reason hand-washing is now commonplace in hospitals. These cakes were to be given to the women's guests, but they were also thought to help speed along the birthing process.

And, as you can see from the Instagram above, some woman still birth groaning cakes while in early labor. A mother had labored so long and with such difficulty giving she was put sexy nude women in andhra a warm bath.

Once submerged her labor accelerated, she started to push, and her baby was born in the water. Posted on August 18,GMT. No one really watches Monty Python's The Meaning of Life hoping to be enlightened or learn something new, so it's no surprise that this childbirth scene is hilariously inaccurate. Once the "doctors" gather their most expensive equipment and figure out what's missing the mother in laborthey somehow manage giving deliver a baby. Note that their handling of the newborn is a bit While gif instructions, locating tiny screws and bolts, and assembling IKEA furniture can be a challenge, I still don't think it's quite as difficult as actual childbirth.

Yes, I'm including another scene from Friends because they took a lot of freedoms birth their labor and delivery scenes.

14 Facts About Childbirth That'll Be A Little Hard To Believe

When Rachel is giving birth to baby Emma, the doctor and Ross are shocked to see the baby emerging breech, or buttocks first. While this typically leads to an emergency C-sectionRachel's doctor doesn't miss a beat. I don't really think that's how it works, and I'd trust Dr. Drake Ramoray more than this doctor.

My hole! Moms describe childbirth in one GIF - Video Today's Parent

In the movie Nine Months, Rebecca and Samuel are pregnant with their first son. Kosevich, played by Robin Williams, doesn't exactly seem like a baby-delivering expert. Between his mixed up words and fainting spells in the delivery room, he strikes absolutely zero confidence in his patients.

Doctors aren't perfect, but chances are high your doctor will at least stay upright during your delivery. Water births are supposed to be serene experiences, or at least that's how they're described.

My hole! Moms describe childbirth in one GIF

However, this scene from The Back-up Plan is anything but. Main character Zoe is forced into witnessing a near-stranger's water birth, despite being visibly uncomfortable and desperate to leave.

After the baby is born, Zoe promptly faints into the birthing tub. I don't know about you, but I'm not having anyone in birth birthing room who isn't a source of comfort. Oh, and I'd like to actually know them, too. The journey to get to 10 centimeters dilated can be a long and painful one, and many women are anxious to start pushing. I appreciate her response: "That's what I've been doing.

Unsurprisingly, this birth scene from Ace Ventura: When Gif Calls couldn't be farther from reality. Of course, the entire movie is pretty far from reality. Ace gently lays a woman on a short hair indian nude, gives one firm push giving her abdomen, and a baby flies out.

No pushing required?

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Sign me up. Full disclosure: I love the Father of the Bride movies. First off, how is daughter Annie so positive that her baby is coming "tonight"?