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Talking to children more about the logic behind saying no will help them to understand that it is for their own protection and safety rather than an irrational decision just because you are the parent.

Many of these ideas will stem into more cultural issues that will be discussed further on LatinoDr. Pages: 1. Subscribe Search for:. Facebook Twitter.

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The Real Reasons For many immigrant parents, or even first generation parents, the concept of sleepovers was something introduced in the United States. Usually, you had to watch over the house and the needs of those who lived with you at home. Passing It On? Home Health Relationships.


Your family has the most embarrassing nicknames for you. They call you things like gordita and flaca, because in Latino culture, they are considered terms of endearment. But it still mortifies you when they call you that around your friends.

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There's always a container of cookies, Cool Whip, or any other delicious snack filled with something that is NOT a delicious snack. That's because your parents have been recycling old containers and filling them up with rice, mashed garlic, sofrito, and leftovers since before Tupperware was even invented.

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But they still trick you every time. Because it's a right of passage for all Latinas, and your mom will not let it be a mediocre Quince.

You wouldn't dare ever walk around the house barefoot, or go out with wet hair. Your mother will give you another long lecture about how you can catch Pneumonia. But you still love them, because there's no greater bond black guys gay sex the one you have with your awesome sometimes crazy Latino family!

Places like these need our help. I visit the foundation often and bring them food, clothes — whatever they need. We just spoke on the phone the other day.

Wish I got to see you again. You will be missed. Google is pulling on my Mexican heartstrings! The most popular search engine, which from time-to-time uses its homepage logo as an interactive gateway to educate the public about historical figures and cultural traditions, has over the years celebrated Mexican heritage in beautiful and innovative ways.

Things All Girls With Latino Parents Know To Be True - Latino Problems

I think of us tossing beans at each other in attempts to distract the other from our boards. Most importantly, I think of the laughter, the excitement, and how all the worries of the world melted away as this game brought us together, even if just for a few hours.

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I think of the incidence of child sexual assault and agree with this blogger that bad things happen, sometimes even in presumably "good homes. I ask myself, "How could anyone possibly sleep well knowing their innocent child is under someone else's roof? A Colombian friend told me sleepovers for her two daughters are out of the question.

My non-Latina friends think we are just paranoid and preventing our children from enjoying one of childhood's greatest pleasures. Even Dora the Explorer, the bilingual Nick Jr. In the end, begging, crying and pleading to let me stay over my best friend's home worked. She gave in one time.