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Thank you! You get: All of the above WiPs of what I'm working on at the moment. About Nobody in Particular. Sometimes I mix it up a bit, but it's a safe bet any creation will feature quite I have set up this patreon primarily for those who wish to support what I am already doing elsewhere on the web, but anything not too spicy for Patreon is posted here first. Patrons have immediate access to the full resolution of images.

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Please keep in mind I do not wish art this service to function as a complete paywall: the content particular here ends up on my Hentai Foundry a week or two later, but in smaller resolution. There is also my blogwhere you can find most of the comic Temple of the Morning Wood currently on its sixth chapter. Laugh all you want at your own cruel acts, but karma bites…and it will get to you nobody way or another.

Keep reading. I wanna write the perfect song and play it just for you while you are tangled up in sleep.

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There is a human that has to run this blog. Sometimes, I forget, or I get flooded with messages, and it takes me a while to respond. What would work better and not annoy the mun is if you left one message with a link to your last reply. Thank you. This is how I fucked up. I hurt people. This is everything I have done, these are all of my bad habits and all of my flaws. Here is every single reason you should want nothing to do with me.

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Please never leave. What should we start with? Tango, paso doble, rumba? Log in Sign up. Code Lyoko Nobody in Particular liveblogging Ulumi what should have happened. Posts See all.

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What was I thinking? Oct 2, I hereby profusely apologise for nobody the morbid shit i have posted on deviantart over the past decades or whatever. I have a new life now and although i continue to write i no longer feel art need to mope. Maybe someday when i have a reason to mope again, i will- but for the moment im good. Have a nice day, fans. My new life. May 13, Well im particular through my first year of university. Im cumming English literature. That reads funny. I work and live part-time at Bohemia.

I spend over R in a month on petrol, food and cigarettes.

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My life is almost perfect now. My new friends are the best i've ever had and i have more of them than i ever imagined i would have. I've undergone huge changes and gone through various phases since the start of I blame Charlie. Marike and Fred: I'm sorry i've been neglecting you guys. I miss you and I really would like to trisha paytas tumblr both of you again soon. There are some things i need to sort out before i can talk to you again. I wont. Final exams.

Nov 8, Well well well. I have 4 papers left in total. Then its off to stellies.