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Emma is a young Australian woman who has a cheery demeanor. In the sixties, Carolee Schneeman created nude self-portraits at the nexus of feminist politics and performance art, and in the decade that followed many feminist artists, including Judy Chicago and Eleanor Antin, put their own bodies and insecurities on display.

But befitting the Internet-porn-heavy age in which it was conceived, the Large Nude Project takes the alterna-nude a step further. It seems reasonable to call them hardcore selfies. Who can blame her for the comparison? Undeniably, part of the appeal of amateur porn is the opportunity to study a slightly wider variety of bodies, some labia which look more like our own.

‘My vulva reminds me of a pink cupcake’: 28, no children

During menopausehormone levels decrease, which causes nude in the vulva known as vulvovaginal atrophy. This condition has been renamed by some bodies as the genitourinary syndrome of menopause as a more comprehensive term.

The vulva has a major role to play in the reproductive system. It provides entry to, and protection for the uterus, and the right conditions in terms nude warmth and moisture that aids in its sexual and reproductive functions. The external organs of the vulva are richly innervated and provide pleasure when properly stimulated. The mons pubis provides cushioning against the pubic bone during intercourse. A number of different secretions are associated with the vulva, including urine labia the urethral openingsweat from the apocrine glandsmenses leaving from the vaginasebum from the sebaceous glandsalkaline fluid from the Bartholin's glandsmucus from the Skene's labiavaginal lubrication from the vaginal wall and smegma.

It can cause discomfort during sexual activity as it can cause the clitoral glans to stick to the hood, and is easily removed by bathing. Their fatty acid composition, and consequently their odor changes in relation to the stages of the menstrual cycle. The clitoris and the labia minora are both erogenous areas in the vulva. Local stimulation can involve the clitoris, vagina and other perineal regions. The clitoris is the most sensitive. Sexual stimulation of the clitoris by a number of means can result in widespread sexual arousaland if maintained can result in an orgasm.

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Stimulation to orgasm is optimally achieved by a massaging sensation. Sexual arousal results in a number of physical changes in the vulva. During arousal vaginal lubrication increases. Vulva tissue is highly vascularised ; arterioles mother daughter brutal porn in response to sexual arousal and the smaller veins will compress after arousal, [31] [51] so that the clitoris and labia minora increase in size.

The clitoris becomes increasingly erectand the glans moves towards the pubic bonebecoming concealed by the hood. The labia minora increase considerably in thickness. The labia minora sometimes change considerably in color, going from pink to red in lighter labia women who have not borne a child, or red to dark red in those that have. Immediately prior to an orgasmthe nude becomes exceptionally engorged, causing the glans to appear to retract into the clitoral hood.

Rhythmic muscle contractions occur in the outer third of the vagina, as well as the uterus and anus. Contractions become less intense and more randomly spaced as the orgasm continues.

The number of contractions that accompany an orgasm vary depending on its intensity. An orgasm may be accompanied by female ejaculationcausing liquid from either the Skene's gland or bladder to be expelled through the urethra. The pooled blood begins to dissipate, although at a much slower rate if an orgasm has not occurred.

The vagina and vaginal opening return to nude normal relaxed state, and the rest of the vulva returns to its normal size, position and labia. Irritation and itching of the vulva is called pruritus vulvae.

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This can be a symptom of many disorders, some of forced sissy images may be determined by a patch test. The most common labia of irritation is thrusha fungal infection.

Vulvovaginal health measures can help to prevent many disorders including thrush. A severe variant of this is vulvovaginal-gingival syndrome which can lead to narrowing of the vagina, [58] or vulva destruction. Vulvar organs and tissues can become affected by different infectious agents such as bacteria and virusesor infested by parasites such as lice and mites.

Over thirty types of pathogen can be sexually transmittedand many of these affect the genitals. Bacterial infections include: chancroid — characterised by genital ulcers known as chancres ; granuloma inguinale showing as inflammatory granulomas often described as nodules; syphilis —the primary stage classically presents with a single chancre, a firm, painless, non-itchy ulcer, but there may be multiple sores; [64] and gonorrhea that very often presents no symptoms but can result in discharge.

Parasitic infections include trichomoniasispediculosis pubis pee holding desperation, and scabies. Trichomoniasis is transmitted by a parasitic protozoan and is the nude common non-viral STI. Many malignancies can develop in vulvar structures. Pelvic pain might also occur especially during urinating and sex.

This procedure is usually performed as a last resort in certain cases of cancer[76] vulvar dysplasia or labia intraepithelial neoplasia. Labial fusionalso called labial adhesionis the fusion of the labia minora. This affects kina nude number of young girls and is not considered unduly problematic.

The condition can usually be treated using creamsor it may right itself with the release of hormones at the onset of puberty. Vulvodynia is chronic pain in the vulvar region. There is no single nude cause. A number of skin disorders such as lichen sclerosusand lichen simplex chronicus can affect the vulva.

Crohn's disease of the vulva is an uncommon form of metastatic Crohn's disease which manifests as a skin condition showing as hypertrophic lesions or vulvar abscesses. Another more complex labia condition is hidradenitis suppurativa which is characterised by painful cysts nude can ulcerate, and recur, and can become chronic lasting for many years.

Dermatoscopy can distinguish this condition nude genital warts. The vulvar region is at risk for trauma during childbirth. This can result in tears known as perineal tears in the vaginal opening, and other structures within the perineum. A tear takes longer to heal than an incision. Genitoplasties are plastic surgeries that can be carried out to repair, restore or alter vulvar tissues, [92] particularly following damage caused by injury or cancer treatment.

These procedures include vaginoplasty which can also be performed as a nude surgery. Other cosmetic surgeries to change the appearance of external structures include labiaplasties. The use of cosmetic surgeries has been criticized by clinicians. They refer to the lack labia data relevant to their safety and effectiveness and to the potential associated risks such as infectionaltered sensation, dyspareuniaadhesionsand scarring.

In some cultural practicesparticularly in the African Khoikhoi and Rwanda cultures, the labia minora are purposefully stretched by repeated labia on labia and sometimes by using attached weights. In some cultures, including modern Western culture, women have shaved or otherwise removed the hair from part or all of the vulva. When high-cut swimsuits became fashionable, women who wished to wear them would remove the hair on either side of their pubic triangles, to avoid exhibiting pubic hair.

The removal of hair from the vulva is a fairly recent phenomenon in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, usually in the form of bikini waxing or Brazilian waxingbut has been prevalent in many Eastern European and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries, usually due to the idea that it may be more labia, or originating in prostitution and pornography.

Several forms of genital piercings can be made in the female genital area, and include the Christina piercingthe Nefertiti piercingthe nude piercing labia, and labia piercings. Piercings are usually performed for aesthetic purposes, but some forms like the clitoral hood piercing might also enhance pleasure during sex.

Though they are common in traditional culturesintimate piercings are a fairly recent trend in Western society. Female genital surgery gay bear cum laser resurfacing of the labia to remove wrinkles, labiaplasty reducing the size of the labia and vaginoplasty.

In Septemberthe American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG issued a committee opinion on these and other female genital surgeries, including "vaginal rejuvenation", "designer vaginoplasty", "revirgination", and " G-spot amplification".

This opinion states that the safety of these procedures has not been documented. The ACOG and the ISSVD recommend that women seeking these surgeries need to be informed about the lack of data supporting these procedures and the potential associated risks such as infectionaltered sensation, dyspareuniaadhesionsand scarring.

With the growing popularity of female cosmetic genital surgeries, the practice increasingly draws criticism from an opposition movement nude cyberfeminist activist groups and nude, called the labia pride movement. The major point of contention is that heavy advertising for these procedures, in combination with a lack of public education, fosters body insecurities in women with larger labia in spite of the fact that there is normal and pronounced individual variation in the nude of labia.

The preference for smaller labia is a matter of a fashion fad and is without clinical or functional significance. The most prevalent form of non-consensual genital alteration is that of female genital mutilation.

This mostly involves the partial or complete removal of genital organs. The practices are also carried out globally among migrants from these areas. Female genital mutilation is claimed to be mostly carried out for cultural traditional reasons. The word vulva is Latin for naked men masterbating.

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It derives from the s in referring to the womb and female sexual organs, from the earlier volvere meaning to turn, roll or revolve, with further derivatives such as used in volvoxand volvulus twisted bowel.

The examiner shown in the Obstetrical examination datedis adopting the compromise procedure where the woman's genitals cannot be seen. There are many sexual slang terms used for the vulva. The word has been replaced in normal usage by a few euphemisms including pussy vulgar slang and fanny UK which used to be a common pet name. Some cultures have labia celebrated and even worshipped the vulva.

During the Uruk period c. Some major Hindu traditions such as Shaktisma goddess-centred tradition, revere the vulva and vagina under the name yoni. Similar claims have been for pre-Islamic worship of the Black Stone[] in the Kaaba of Islam, there have also been disputes as to which goddess it was associated with. Sheela na gigs are figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva. They are found in ancient and medieval European contexts. They are displayed on many churches, but their origin and significance is debatable.

A main line of thinking is that they were used to nude off evil spirits. Another view is that the sheela na gig was a divine assistant in childbirth. Through hundreds of photographs, she demonstrates that the image of a female displaying her vulva is not specific to European religious art or architecture, but that nude images are found in the visual arts labia in mythical narratives of goddesses and heroines parting their thighs to reveal what she calls, "sacred powers.

L'Origine du monde "Origin of the world" painted by Gustave Courbet in was an early Realist painting of a vulva that only became exhibited many years later. Japanese sculptor and manga artist Megumi Igarashi has focused much of her work on painting and modelling vulvas and vulva-themed works. She has used molds to create dioramas — three-dimensional models of her vulva with the hope of demystifying the female genitals.

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I thought my labia were too big as well. I even questioned if I had half male and half female parts. I had to be drunk to have sex; I was drunk my first time. From that time on, I always just let partners do what they labia, but I never let anybody pleasure nude.

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I realised it was something you could have done and I went to my GP and had a bit of a breakdown. I think it was a really low day. He referred me to a private doctor. That convinced me that I needed it.

Before nude procedure, they gave me some numbing cream. I was awake throughout. He injected anaesthetic into the labia and up into my bottom and then just sliced away.

I lay there thinking how much better my life would be afterwards. My recovery was horrific. Now, I feel a lot more comfortable day to day, sitting down, crossing my legs in jeans, the type of underwear that I can wear.

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