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Because I care about you.

What This Means for You

Before we embark on this carefully curated collection of def. And some, while worthy of a place in the annals of UDmay never have been tried with humans before. One hopes. Use it in a sentence: I wanted to give my partner a Kentucky Klondike Bar, but my shit took too long to freeze. So we watched the newest episode Two-and-a-Half Men instead. Because Mixology was canceled. The partner then presents the nuts and corn to in a cup or a dish.

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One then tosses the nuts and corn onto the bed where the partner eats them like a goat or other typical petting zoo animal. Everything was fine, until I saw the corn.

When the hell did I eat corn? The Alabama Hot Pocket: 1. In Alabama, you see, good old redneck boys, when bored, would fuck pig troughs or large, wet piles of mud. But I don't care. I'm not doing this for my co-workers. I'm not even doing this for me.

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I'm doing this for freedom. There's little dissent between the scientific and year-old-me communities that one should masturbate as much as possible, although there are two arguments for it. My argument has always photo that that Victoria's Secret catalog is taking up otherwise valuable Terry Pratchett bookshelf real estate, so I may as well put it to use, while the scientific community insists that it's because masturbation protects against prostate cancer in men and does about a thousand awesome things for women.

I'm not sure what a tented cervix is, but that's fine -- why would I need to know that? It's also worth noting that masturbating improves your moodwhich is obvious, but important because I want to point out that being happy makes you live longer. Now turn your eyes, squinted with effort and pleasure though they may be, to the workplace. According to this meticulously researched and brilliantly written articlescience says that sex business' elderly employees consistently "are more productive, are more loyal, and make more money than their younger counterparts," and yes, I did just quote myself.

The only people more valuable than the old employees are the happy employees, since sad employees will destroy a company's chances for survival. The implications are obvious: If we white girls naked bentover allow employees to masturbate in the workplace, we may be putting the future of our entire civilization in jeopardy.

The overall trend is clear: Freakier sex means better lives. And we need to utilize this information acts the place this matters most: the world of politics. If we want our world leaders to be mentally stable, with a strong bedrock of emotional fortitude and the physical well-being to lead long, healthy lives, then we need to make sure they know how to get freaky in the sack.

The Top 25 Dirtiest Sex Acts From Urban Dictionary - Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

From now on, I propose that every candidate running for public office should base their campaign platform on how imaginative their sex life is. Scratch that: Instead of "should," let's make that "must. Which means your job is clear: You must go buy every item on these lists and this video and spend the rest of your life working to become the hyper-sane sorcerer-god fuck machine we need, and lead our people to a new golden age.

For legal reasons, JF Sargent must clarify that he does not sex in the bathroom of the Cracked offices any more than you horrible expect. Follow him on TwitterTumblrand Facebook. These movies are full of subtle little acting moments that probably don't even register. Sex memes are memes that are specifically inclined to sexual topics and debates.

They carry with them humor and content just like photo other memes but mainly focus on providing certain information about various sexual habits that may be common for a group of people. Those that related to a specific meme are most likely to spread it expecting the same positive effectiveness.

Our modern sexual behavior is also meme driven by directing how people respond to the sex cues from the information provided through the texts. They do play a vital in the society as they provide sexual education for the younger generation that hardly receives such knowledge from their parents or guardians. This has been one of the major concerns of the society. They also promote better sexual relations for different partners through the relatable acts images and text and further improve their sexual life which equally translates to a better relationship.

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20 Sex Acts You Were Too Afraid to Google

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JPG File:Pubic hair. JPG File:Pullcondom. JPG File:Retracted testicles.

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JPG File:Semen2. JPG File:Sexual intercourse 3. JPG File:Sexual intercourse in humans. Photo File:Sexual intercourse in acts 2. JPG File:Sexual intercourse in humans 3. JPG File:Sexual intercourse in humans 4. When sex sex from behind, the guy ejaculates onto his partner's upper back without warning. Satiated, the partner rolls onto their back and falls horrible. They awake to find that the semen has dried, adhering the sheets to their back like a cape that Superman would wear.

When a woman uses a strap-on dildo to engage in anal sex with a man. A facial. When a man comes on his partner's face. For examples, see pretty much every porn ever. A pearl necklace. When a man ejaculates on a woman's chest and neck in a way that recalls an elegant pearl necklace. A challenging technique. Spit roast. A threesome position wherein one person is bent over at the waist giving one guy oral sex, while the second guy has sex with the blow job giver from behind.