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Main Quest 8 Answers How do i get diablos hardhorn? Side Quest 2 Answers. Ask Popopo Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Gif Info: Rhiethreal Rhiethreal 1 year ago 21 tiathecat posted User Info: Raziel Raziel 1 year ago 22 Rhiethreal posted User Info: Rhiethreal Rhiethreal 1 year ago 23 Raziel posted User Info: Evilnick Evilnick 1 year ago 25 Rhiethreal posted User Info: Meta Meta 1 year ago 27 Rhiethreal posted User Info: tiathecat tiathecat 1 year ago 28 Meta posted User Info: Onipaladin Onipaladin 1 year ago 30 Does anyone know if the little shopping cart gun the Palico uses does ranged damage or melee?

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Celestial Palico Cat armor? Did I hit the jackpot? Iceborne Discussion. Tech Support. Where do I find guiding coral dragonbone?

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I would enchanted to his voice and he would be my bias. His voice is really cool. The song is beautiful. Yes he has freshness like he said. He can make ppl around him happy. TOP is just cooler. Although he also can suddenly become crazy, how they make funny jokes are different.

This is my honest opinion. Log in Sign up. Zico block b popopo b gif block b zico blockb myedits p.

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Block b Block b po p. Block b p. You: Hey Zico, yesterday…. NOTE: These are just examples…please request things for any group or anything you like.

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Zico: Honestly hates you. Originally posted by dreams-are-a-special-pardon. Kyung: Would at first be very disappointing in you but then start to set into the cheesiness.

How could he not like a good pun. He would then start to wonder how you guys even started dating. Originally posted by iklicious.

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Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias. After a while he would just start to punish you by taking kisses, cuddles and hugs away.

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Originally posted by welldonezico. Jaehyo: He would just start teasing you back about your groups songs. If he is going to get dissed, hes going to take you down with him.

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Originally posted by jaehyohoe. And people doubt his umbrellas. The Umbrella Salesman by Steampianist. Log in Sign up. Those darn kids always going around boiling water to create mist! Popopo Steampianist Popopo Steampianist feat. Oliver mine. Made some GIFs for Steampianists newest song.