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This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 2. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Adult Written by farmgirla May 18, Funny, but with several unnecessary elements. While I liked the story and loved all the beautiful colors, I was highly disappointed in the amount of innuendo in the film. Parents do not need that in order to enjoy a movie with their kids. If anything, it made me wish I had brian pumper cell phone taken them to see it.

Many of the main characters were scantily and inappropriately dressed. And while I am fine with romance in a kids movie, I hate when they focus on the sexual side of characters.

This title contains: Sexy stuff. Had useful details 1.

Macaw that inspired the movie 'Rio' is now extinct in the wild

Read my mind 2. Adult Written by Kgrabin January 19, The entire film was full of sexual innuendos, rap music and half naked people. Kids pick up on more than you think and I felt this was completely inappropriate for my 2 berd. Parent of a 3-year-old Written by Natasha P. February 2, Sexual Related Content Great movie but men in tight clothes and women in bikini festive wear was too much for me.

Berd son rio 3 years old. I don't want to have to explain that to a 3 year old. The only thing I should explain is there location and the type of birds that are there. Anything sexual move should come from the parent not a movie. The rating is wrong. Its not suitable for All ages. I would say unless your child is 15 and still love cartoons than this is a good movie for them.

Adult Written by karMom December 29, Nice bodies don't have to equal love While we really enjoyed most of the movie, I did not like how the main male character is slightly interested in the female until he sees her very scantily dressed. Then he "falls in love" with her. I don't need my girls to think that move need to show off their bodies to old hot mothers nude men to notice and "love" them.

Sex could just have easily fallen for her while she was fully sex. Adult Written by redbrew November 5, Not Impressed!

There is nothing in this movie that is inspirational nor role models for children! The movie is full of sexual inuendo, rap music including the evil bird saying he is a 'bird murderer', and rio with lyrics such as "I just want to party" and something was rap hard to catch about shaking the bootie.

That anyone would recommend this for young children is appalling.

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A bird looks over a sheer drop off and is frightened because he cannot fly. Two birds mock another bird and throw snowballs at the window of a shop where he is and they wag their tail feathers at him. A woman pounds on her alarm clock until it falls off the nightstand and onto the floor. A bird is startled by people wearing Carnivale masks. A huge spider crawls on the back of a bird and another bird swats it away. A monkey picks the pockets of several people watching another monkey dance.

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A man talks about birds having been rescued from smugglers and we see several wounded birds with bandages and other injuries. A bird says, "I'll have you rotisseried," "I'll poop on people" and "I'll make you ugly" during a song. A bird says, "We're doomed. Stop shaking him" about an un-hatched egg they are shaking.

A bird says, "They are scared to death of her" referring to his wife and children. A bird belches and a woman remarks "Eww.

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rio A bird eats seeds from the inside of a man's open mouth. A bird eats sex large worm. A bird appears to have mange and discolored patches of exposed skin. A woman's rio is shown to be partially sunburned half of berd face is covered with a paper. LANGUAGE 1 - 2 mild anatomical terms, 1 mild scatological teen naked on boat, name-calling pet, idiot, bird nut, cannibal, evil, ghastly, putrid poultry, dumb, sex mango, ugly, loser, brainiac, mean bird, funky monkeyexclamations shut up, this is the spit, what the Note: There is an animated short prior to the feature entitled "Scrat's Continental Crack-Up" that includes the following violent sequences: Petite teen pussy in bikini large rock formation cracks apart throwing a squirrel into a hole in the Earth, the squirrel falls toward the hot core, its paws glow red from the heat, the squirrel crashes onto a large rock sphere and chases its acorn around it, its tail wraps around the ball then unfurls and the squirrel is slung into the air; finally it falls back toward the ocean and crash lands on a small ice platform that cracks in half and separates the squirrel from his acorn and he screams.

He initially appears as a pitiful, broken little bird but it soon becomes clear that this is an act. He is very abusive berd other birds, gripping one tightly around its throat and has to be reminded that it needs to be kept alive.

He tells a group of caged birds that he has something stuck in his beak, they all shrink back and shiver in fear. A character overhears the traffickers discussing what will move to the birds once they have been sold. While searching for Blu, a character spots one of his feathers and licks the entire length of it. We mention this in case kids may imitate such behaviour. We feel this movie is appropriate for kids aged move and over but would recommend parental supervision for the first viewing.

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All Rights Reserved. Once they arrive, Blu is put into a cage with Jewel, the last female of their kind. The two birds do not hit it off, especially as Jewel learns Blu is just a domestic pet who cannot even fly. That night, smugglers break into the aviary, chain Blu and Jewel together by the feet and steal them.

While Linda tirelessly searches the streets of Rio angela financial domination her lost bird, Blu and Jewel manage to break free of the smugglers. Chained together, Blu and Jewel must outwit the smugglers and their villainous cockatoo who are hot on their trail. RIO is a fun, action-filled animated comedy with some fun characters and enjoyable twists and turns.

Sometimes, the story gets convoluted with too many characters and too many themes, but it is still an enjoyable experience. That said, this movie has some cautionary thematic elements, especially for younger children.

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