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Tommy Gunn. Melissa Moore. Related Channels. Related Searches To "daughter". Also, I knew that if I did tell my mother, there were only so many things that could have happened, and none of them were good. She might not have believed me. She might have believed me and not done anything about it. Or she might have believed me and then divorced him, which I knew meant a lot of drama, moving again we moved a lotand losing the financial stability we had finally obtained.

And honestly, I still have a lot of ambivalent feelings about my stepdad because he was a good father to me in many ways and is much more of a father than my actual father ever was. I think you owe it to your daughter to investigate this.

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Searching for them when he presumably already knew they existed is weird. Saving them is weirder. And I think the guiltiness in his response that he nude glad she found them is another red flag.

If it was an honest mistake, why would he act relieved to be found out? And why would he go to counseling if it was nothing? This on top see his previous comment make it seem less like a coincidence. Beyond the logic of whether it is excusable or not, I personally would be creeped out. Run away and get a great lawyer. LW, your daughter posed nude to support herself and her family.

Her nude are just fine. A person who harms others has bad morals, but a person who is proud of her body, who chooses what to do with her own body, has perfectly daughter morals.

Sexual purity does not feed the poor nor cure the sickly; it is no substitute for kindness or generosity. Be proud of your confident, resourceful daughter. Keep the judging to yourself.

While I agree what you said, I got the impression that the daughter might have been coerced into the photos by her husband. I might have read it wrong but it sounded like the daughter regretted it. If she was coerced it is definitely exploitation. However, if she did it of her own accord and later regretted it, completely different.

It almost seems like the mother would prefer to think she was then deal with the fact that it might have been a choice she made. Portia January 20,am. Moi January 20,am. I know of something very similar. All hell broke loose. The parents separated, reconciled, finally daughter. The daughter nearly had a breakdown. This was her DAD. Obviously he had never made the emtional connection and never thought of her as his daughter. It see folks. More than you know.

Joyce May 2,pm. Please grow texasblonde. Bittergaymark May 2,pm. The reactions here in this thread for this one are mostly overblown. I dunno.

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But this LW made my skin crawl… Drama, drama, drama. And guess, what? I checked it out. Why oh why would he EVER being looking at porn? Kate May 2,pm. His defense that he did so out of curiousity is quite plausible to me. Now, its my turn to project…. That she posed for these pictures was NO secret. Hell, Church Lady probably blabbed about it to no end. The horror! And save them in case I ever wanted to come Mama Judgement down. She calls him dad, it says. Lately, this place revels in witchhunts on the flimsiest of evidence.

The horrific injustice that was the McMartin preschool trial makes more and more sense to me the older I get. Evidence and Logic be damned!

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karina sxy Lets leap to the worst possible conclusion even when the level of probable doubt is hilariously sky high…. Playboy style photos are usually quite tame. Even arty. Paula June 3,am. These comments are ridiculous. Get out of that marriage. JD October 18,am. Biologically speaking, he is not related to her, so biology is not on the table.

That seems like a big assumption. Bottom line, all normal men are attracted to any attractive woman unless homosexual of course. You all just WISH there were. DB February 5,pm. If she had been his biological daughter, why would that be any different? To assert that all normal men are attracted to any attractive woman is nonsense! What about being sexually attracted to her? If you find this attraction normal between family members, then you may want to consider laying of the porn. I think you confuse your body as some sort of object which you possess, it is no more than dirt and worms that will eat it when you are buried six feet below, if you were in a coma and you were in the hospital your daughter would have seen it all anyway.

Dont talk about things like these and dont do things like these, see doesnt mean anything. What a lovely confession. I sure wish you were in my living room. Keep em spread n oozing with hot juices. Your daughter will be doing the same to some guy soon and nude gonna be loving it. Yea I agree thats videos free teens sex videos hot im 15 and I tease my dad all the time like this.

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