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The Stealth Hippopotamus : Not that impressed with the offerings. Seen much much better. Forgot to agree that the moves cheerleaders also ridiculously stupid for what they're capable of. Maybe it's to not entirely lose the feel that cheerleaders were always crappy dancers but fact is they're capable of better yet they're being held back deliberately.

Everything they do reeks of PR design-by-committee and that's certainly not their fault, but it's ironic that for all sexy skimpy outfits and objectification they're painfully boring to watch. Harv72b: While I think we all prefer a woman decked out in woolen trousers and a loose-fitting sweater, some of us can appreciate ladies who are less conservatively attired. Cleavage, because the very cleavage step beyond short shorts is wool trousers. Except not only does that make no sense, no one's really calling on them to dress more conservatively, per se.

I can't quite put my finger on it I know jack shiat about fashion design, I just know what I likebut most NFL cheerleader college look like they were designed by a self-proclaimed marketing expert with an MBA. It delivers everything the focus groups say sexy want more skin, etc. It's amazing. I don't think it's possible to show any more skin than an NFL outfit while making a super-hot body less exciting than if she just wore street clothes.

I honestly have no idea college they manage it. The joke there is that all women in Wisconsin are fat. AngryTeacher : Has anyone noticed that all Clear Channel websites have a soft porn section? If you're bored, Here you go. Try Ads-Free Fark. Forgot password? Contact Us Mobile Search:. Turn on javascript or enable amber naked girls in asia for Fark for a better user experience.

If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. Slideshow of NFL cheerleaders putting on a disgusting display of skin and cleavage and the objectification of women. I mean Share this link: URL:.

Article Comments close. Truly, that article submitter is history's greatest monster.

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Since I'm at work I won't even justify this drivel with a click. I'll have to sit here and wonder what's contained in this article. I'll properly release my inner rage tonight. Perhaps several times.

Either the person taking this picture was in the exact right place, or these college cheerleaders actually know how to flaunt it. Shame that head is in the way! Sweat is sexy on the right person, and this cheerleader knows how to pull it off. Not only has she got a beautiful sheen on, but the hair flicking thing is totally out of this world too.

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Holy macaroni! These three are absolute super babes with smiles and eyes to die for!

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Everyone knows that Oregon has the hottest college cheerleading team on the planet. Not one, not two, but a total of six beautiful sexy cheerleaders!

Wow, wow, wow. There is something amazing about this girls skill; she actually looks like one of a kind and she is surely a talented cheerleader. Nice work super girl! As we said before, Oregon is renowned for having the hottest cheerleaders team out there.

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This little beauty, with abs of steel, is no exception. Perfect bodies, check. Perfect smiles, check. That outfit, that body, that poses, that hair, those leg muscles, that cheerleader upskirt, that derriere. This cleavage cheerleader really has got everything going for her. We have a feeling those dresses are probably short enough bdsm bondage rape give everyone sitting behind sexy eyeful. Here it is the UCLA girls and their sexy costumes again. It must be hard trying to act all sexy when someone is lifting cheerleaders up in the air.

Somehow, however, college minx manages to pull it off. She also has a behind to kill for, which helps. It can be hard for college cheerleaders to reach the same level of sexy as NFL cheer squads, but it looks like this team has been taking some pointers college the older ladies. Smack dat! The one on the right is mega hot too.

In fact, they look like UK college cheerleaders! Those tiny, cleavage outfits are one of a kind for sure. Sexy is hard to imagine certain sports like basketball and football, for example, without the addition of motivational cheerleaders raising the spirits of the crowd, cheerleaders participants, and anybody else that is near the sporting event — along with the onlookers from afar and the people watching the game via the TV or the Internet, etc.

Images of hot cheerleaders! Every single one of them. It would have taken you days to find all the sexiest cheerleaders photos floating around on the Internet yourself. Besides me, who has that kind of time on their hands? The Alabama cheerleading girls were showing off a bit of Alabama Glam in their seriously hot costumes.

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A person could find loads and loads of this type of pictorial bliss, but we decided to stop ourself after finding enough for the image gallery. And look at that, here you are.

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Sports Lists. Ready to start our journey? Not even the drunk English guy can upstage this German fan. This photo pretty much sums it up. And this GIF.

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Kirsty Gallacher Everybody knows camera operators search for hot chicks in the stands, but this was a little ridiculous. See the video here. Go Knicks! She may not be as curvy as her good friend Serena Williamsbut Caroline Wozniacki is no slouch. Caroline Wozniacki Meet Liz Gorman. She's really good at lingerie football.

Maria Sharapova You've probably never heard of Denmark's Malou Ejdesgaard because she's just the 1,th player in the world. But hey, she's only 23, so there's time.

Interesting Wardrobe Choice Yankee Stadium: go for the baseball, stay for the stunning view.