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He suspects that the cardinals use the simpler process of combustion. One easy way to create white smoke is to burn "metallic zinc dust with elemental sulfur, generating zinc sulfide gas that is a thick off-white cloud of smoke when generated.

Black smoke is best made by partially burning organic material, like wood, says Mocella. To really make smoke 'black,' it needs to come out thick and dense, which means making a lot of it quickly, which means a chemical pyrotechnic composition, probably not just burning straw.

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What other smoke colors are possible? Could the cardinals send up red smoke if they wanted to? How about blue or green? Certain solid dyes can be quickly melted into a liquid, then vaporized into a gas, which then recondenses into tiny droplets in the air, producing a fog of colored smoke. Interactive iPad menu for the New Yorker food issue.

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smoke Screenprint image. The large wildfires continued to burn across parts of southern California on 23 October Since H2O is a byproduct of combustion, the water vapor content of the aged smoke pall is somewhat elevated compared to gif rather dry ambient atmosphere over the eastern Pacific Ocean; this allows a subtle signature of the smoke feature to appear on the GOES imager water vapor channel.

There is no signal on either of the IR channel images bottom 2 panels since smoke is transparent to thermal radiation at those wavelengths. The Rev Signal Reese, a Jesuit expert on the Vatican, complained in the days before this conclave that the uncertainty over their colour took tradition too far. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

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Sunday 03 November Papal conclave: Vatican reveals the secret behind the chimney smoke The conclave may be wreathed in secrets, but the Vatican has revealed the answers to one burning question: what ingredients make up the smoke that signals the whether or not a new Pope has been chosen? By Harry Alsop.