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You can revoke access when finished. Once logged in, come back to this area and there will be anime link to banish you. Sunny was in depression because Sonrisa's neighbor bikini exhibitionist Sunflora, called Gwendela, was traded to Nurse Joy.

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It first appeared with two of Sonrisa's other Sunflora. While the other two were happy, Sunny was gloomy. Brock and Pikachu tried to cheer it up by making funny faces but did not succeed and it later fell asleep in the greenhouse. The two Sunflora were happily reunited, and Sunny then returned to its normal self.

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Meowth's disguise was eventually ruined and James activated huge mirrors which made Sunny and the other Sunflora's heads grow to enormous proportions and they were immobilized.

With a great smile and a dazzling performance, the judges awarded Sonrisa the Sunflora of the Year award. Sunny's only known move is Solar Beam.

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