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She is a soldier Corporal and the second playable character encountered at the beginning of the game. Also, she is an unlockable hero in Breakdown.

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The mission "Distant Gunshots", introduces Maya as the source of the gunshots heard by Marcus Campbell and Ed Jones while they are out looking for survivors in cabins. She is found down by the river being attacked by zombies. Once the zombies are cleared, the player is able to switch between Maya and Marcus. She explains afterwards that she was on a hunting trip at Mt. The game never ramps up in difficulty except the very last missions last 2 or 3-you will need a lot of ammo and decent guns, tough to melee all the zeds that come at you.

By that time you should have at least half a dozen max skill characters and be well armed.

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For me I actually like reflex skill characters, so neither Marcus nor Maya were decay much. However, if you know how to play kill zeds efficiently, use your abilities, not get in over your head you can beat the story fairly quickly and with low level characters.

I would say with how well developed you are you should tough out the rest of the game and mourn maya losses. You will feel a bittersweet sense of accomplishment when you get to the end and remember your lost friends.

Gnarl View Profile Wife rubbing clit Posts. I didn't. Replay value is in trying out the different homebases, so you'll get another chance to play thru with Marcus, Maya, State and the rest. Cougarific View Profile View Posts. Keep in mind there's a downloadable SoD Save Game Manager so you can always restore an old save if you lose too many people for your personal taste.

I lost Ed, I was pretty sad about it. But eh, it's just Ed. Losing Marcus was traumatic, the way that GD Feral ripped him to shreds. Came out of nowhere.

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But you find survivors that walk and talk the same way he did and you'll get over it. Keep playing and learn from your mistakes. Guys, thank you very much for a lot of useful comments. The picture I get from furry lactation is as follows: - After losing a strong character the game can be continued without any major problem Now it will be probably more about building new people towards leaders, and the expansion plans will have to wait until a bit later.

Considering that I see my losses as fatal accidents yes, it was Feral jumping out of nowhere on lone Marcus sent to seemingly very easy task Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Maya Torres Here in the valley for a hunting trip with some old Army buddies. CardioWitsFightingShooting. HatchetForester.

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If there isnt one, your game is corrupt. Go on or start over. Not sure if you saw this or not since you said you checked their diary - but it's maybe possible that they are on a mission.

It usually says "At Home" "On a Mission" or whatever on their profile page. If it says "On a Mission" she could be waiting near an Infestation or something for you to meet her there and take it out.

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Same with Marcus for me it's usually Matthew and Josue sp? Alas no, I first realized she was MIA because she was no longuer in the roster list. I won't restart for her, but I ressent the loss What happens if you shift character when out in the countryside?

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Is the former character teleported back in the base or she has to make it by foot? Perhaps I did that and she crossed a zombies horde She would leave a rucksack where she died.