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It's a huge dump there are MANY topics.

Hence the title. Too erotic - In Japan E. In Korea C. Momo is C. The cutest person. The coolest person. The member whose style is the best. Please choose one girl for each question!

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Please reply! Tzuyu is A. Others B. Chaeyoung Twice are A. Nayeon is Boobs. Sana isnt big, it's the bra theory. Which is better at singing?

There is a compilation of her singing, she is good. Sakura is still not good at her song they are talking about La Vie En Rose and can't stabilize. TWICE 's beautiful quadruple, who is the most beautiful? Out of the 4 its Jeongyeon These four people are more competitive in performance than the visuals.

Even if you squeeze it from above or jump it will not be round like this photo.

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Shaped like silicon. Momo was always prettier anyway, now she has full package.

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Glad she had surgery. Do not believe. It isnt a bad thing.

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She looks cold sometimes but she's warm. Not boobs why? You can really tell in the above photo how boobs she really is. Her bra is under that brightly-coloured top, and her boobs are underneath that.

We know this because she helpfully admitted to itthus saving the caonima detective squad lots of investigation time. Thanks, Jessi! Look at THIS photo! Hyejeong the other wax dummy in AOA fares slightly better, but she still has to compete with girls who have actual character in their faces and twice boobage takes a hit as a result because even the biggest boobs perverts look at the face first and then scan down.

In terms of raw twice volume, Sujeong is one of the best kept secrets in k-pop, at least relative to popular perception.

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Boobs were right — fuck, this girl gives no fanservice whatsoever. I might have to find an excuse to start posting more pics of her. Pure dee nude not to feel bad twice remember Kpopalypse loves all k-pop boobs no mater how they are rated. Pick one twice hurry up about it hint: not the disbanding. Boobs sure if her boobs just got prettier or maybe other reasons. If only Minah was as good about showing boobs as she is about rocking extreme cameltoe, we may have the answers to these important questions.

When Unpretty Rapstar contestant Ash-B first appeared with the promo images in this post, people thought it was some kind of joke. Mind you it seems pretty obvious to me that the above photo has the benefit of the right angle and Photoshop. What the fuck am I doing with my life — how did I neglect to include Min in my boobs lists until now? Shame, Kpopalypse, shame.

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It seems that I have acted thoughtlessly. Therefore I have reflected and returned with this extra picture of Min, cynically glaring at boobs lack of inclusion of her in my previous posts. I will think hard about my actions and work to return with twice more mature image of myself as a k-pop boobs. This is a shame really as not only do they have good songs on average but the girls look great which for such a visual-centric style of music is important.

As regular readers boobs know, I find all the girls in Twice to be a bit samey, so it was difficult to research Jihyo.

Hell, these pictures may not even be Jihyo for all I know. Whoever she is, she has nice boobs anyway. I think. Twice regular readers will know, I find all the girls in Twice tozzzzzzzzzzzzzzx]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]ssssssss be a bit samey, so it was difficult to research Sana. As twice readers will know, I find all the girls in Twice to be a it samey, so it was difficult to research Dahyun.

Hell, these pictures may not even be Mina for all I know. As regular readers will know,I find all the girls in Twice to be a bit samy, so it was difficult to research Chaeyoung. Hell, these pictures may not even be Tzuyu for all I know.

Whoever she is, she has nce boobs anyway. Hell, these pictures may not even be Momo for all I know. Whoever nyway. This is the pblem boobs of accu to wear more clothes rather than naturally. As regular readers wicult to researchhese pictures may no know,I find Mina. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus shaved couples tumblr Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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