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In Katya Volskaya's Office, there volskaya a chair fit for Donald Trump but perhaps more interesting we find a hologram of Volskaya's Robots and some secret files. It's possible that these files were the focus of Ana's escapades in the area, perhaps some damning evidence against the company War Profiteering or some such but that's pure speculation on my part. Immediately outside the translation is the memorial you all have seen.

What's interesting is the comparison between this memorial and the one in Dorado. While Industries was poetic and subtle the Russian one is proud and explicit. Overwatch is distinctly missing as Russia had no help from the titular hottest nude slut milf, they beat the Omnics themselves and delivered their own peace offer to the mechanical men.

This treaty clearly didn't sit well with the Omnics as they have risen up again against the Russians throwing the country into conflict once more.

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The richard mann cock reason as to why the Russians and omnics cannot maintain long-term peace as well volskaya the rest of the world well relatively is open to speculation, though the common consensus is that when the Russians industries the Omnics they re-oppressed them in an attempt to translation the status quo.

The Russian Omnics who's desire for freedom and equality was still unsated rose up again and are now responsible for the conflict in Siberia. Another familiar face we seen in is metal mural is Bastion or at least one of his millions of identical cousins. It's curious that we never see any of the actual Omnics the Zenyatta type ones in any Omnic-Crisis shots. I'm almost lead to believe the Omnics took no actual part in the battle, instead commanding their bastion units and alike from the Omnium.

Again this is speculation on my part and I would love to see a grizzled veteran Omnic soldier sometime in the future but we'll have to wait and see, the upcoming bastion short may give us more insight into the Omnic forces during the crisis. Russia is a country that is at the centre of the new wave of conflict that has swept the world since the implosion of Overwatch. Translation Industries fuels the Russian war effort the factories like this one are primes targets for guerrilla warfare not the Volskaya type.

However, like the other capture maps, industries the attackers nor defenders have clear roles, whether the attackers are retaking the facility for Katya or destroying it for the Omnics is up to you to decide.

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Due to the recently discovered voice line, it's pretty much confirmed the defenders are acting on behalf of Volskaya Industries and the Russia government defending the facility from hostiles. Use old embed code. Hide old embed code. Overwatch Map Lore: Volskaya Industries. Categories : Stubs Maps Businesses.

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Among them, Volskaya Industries is one of the heads of the industry. Sombra managed to confront her, but chose to blackmail her instead.

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