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Vince McMahon was sat inside his spacious office, head between his hands.

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After looking at the figures for WWE's recent Vengeance pay-per-view and seeing them lower than ever, the senior McMahon was frustrated. But it was as his head was in his hands that there was a slight knock on the door but before he could consider answering, the person entered.

Vince looked up from his desk and saw the person in front of him, his daughter Stephanie McMahon. It was rare that the McMahon sibling ever got a day off from her duties but it seemed that everytime she did she seemed to be back at work wwe one reason or another. I've been talking with Hunter and we both think we have an idea on ways to, how should I put it, improve the 'morale' within the locker room and from that as Hunter pointed out to me, should increase passion and story for each match meaning people might become more interested" Stephanie remarked.

I can't afford even more production then we already have, the new network is draining me! A low hum of conversation could be heard as none of the men knew exactly why they were there and also questioned as to why none of the WWE Wwe hadn't needed to attend. The superstars continued to talk it out whilst outside Vince McMahon was jewish women sex nude nervous as hell as a small bead of sweat ran down his withering face erotica his daughter Stephanie McMahon stood by him looking a lot cheerier.

You really brandi belle butt fuck these jacked up muscle heads are gonna be up to this?! This is insane, I don't know why I erotica to this! Besides, you OWN these guys! They'll do anything you say, whatever the protests. You really think they'll walk out? I don't think so, not if we can help it. Vince just gulped as he straightened himself up before opening the lockerroom door and entering, Stephanie McMahon close behind him.

She smirked to her husband who stood at the front with many other top level superstars, smirked back at her with his arms crossed along his chest. Triple H knew why he was there but was determined not to tell any other guy in the room, opting to play dumb instead and so erotica, it worked. Vince McMahon stood in front of the superstars with Stephanie by his side as he cleared his troat to speak. A lot of eyebrows began to raise and a few guys continued to whisper between each other as Vince continued.

Since the pipe bomb incident earlier in the year, Stephanie and CM Punk had not seen eye to eye. Stephanie simply glared at the straightedge superstar before continuing the speech her father started.

From now on you're going to be taking a different approach to earning your victories and titles, on pay-per-view specifically. Matches will be announced as usual but our idea doesn't involve us picking a winner, that's where you all come in. Various looks were shared around the wwe, wondering just what Stephanie was talking about until Dolph Ziggler made himself known, speaking for the rest of the lockerroom.

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The Diva's? And they'll like, rate our performance and the winner will be the better fuck? If that's the case then it looks like I'm retaining my United States Championship baby! All the men inside the lockerroom started to talk creating a massive buzz within the lockerroom, reactions ranging from outrage to slight curiosity. After a moment or two Stephanie manages to calm the lockerroom down before starting to explain details. Anyone who doesn't comply will be shown the door and trust me, we'll never look back in firing fukk girl sexy nude, whoever you are.

For wwe such as triple threat or fatal erotica way matches, whoever made the loser cum will gain the victory and since Survivor Series is just around the corner and with a traditional match lined up, the eliminations will be based on who makes who orgasm with the winner being the last man standing.

Stephanie could see that alot of the men inside the lockerroom looked uncomfortable, but they knew their jobs erotica at wwe as they continued to listen to lady McMahon.

Also, if the lockerroom is occupied then it is allowed that providing you have a referee on hand, you can have sex anywhere.

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Condoms and lubrication will be on hand inside the room along side a number of sex toys-". Are you fucking serious?! I'm actually pretty cool erotica this fucking around business because lets face it; I'm the best in the world and that includes fucking, but sex toys?

That's just taking it too far! I've had just about enough of you Punk! Once I've explained everything, you'll be learning your lesson the hard way! It will also be no holds barred, meaning there can be psychical activity but you simply cannot just wrestle, you must engage in sexual activity until one man cums. Now Punk, time for your punishment. CM Punk smirked as he got down in his knees between Erotica and the rest of the lockerroom as Stephanie just glared at him before looking around at the other wrestling studs inside the room.

Triple just simply smirked as he walked around to step in front of punk who simply rolled his eyes. But his complaining was short lived when Triple H groped himself for a short while to get himself hard before pulling down his trunks to reveal his fat 9.

A small gasp was heard from within the lockerroom, most in disbelief that this is actually happening as Punk himself wwe stared in awe at HHH's hard cock but as his mouth hung slightly open Triple H capitalised, guiding the fat mushroom head of his cock past the soft lips of Punk.

He groaned slightly as the sensitive ridge of his head brushed against Punk's lip piercing, the straightedge superstar struggling to keep Triple H's cock within his mouth. He simply stared up at Triple H with evil eyes as the cerebral assassin just smirked. The trio of superstars looked at each other for a moment, debating what to do as Randy Orton is the first to respond, walking over to CM Punk and standing at his left side before pulling his trunks down slightly to pull out his 9-inch thick shaft, stroking it to full hardness whilst aiming at Punk's face.

Cena was next to follow, dropping his jean shorts revealing he is wearing no underwear revealing his inch beer can thick cock. A few men gasped a Cena's size as he just smirked, walking over to the right side of Punk and wwe his cock slowly, pre-cum dripping from his piss slit and dropping onto Punk's beard.

Punk moved his eyesight to Cena and silently cursing him whilst nursing the cock inside his mouth. Sheamus was the last to come to CM Punk, perhaps a wwe hesitant to the situation but eventually complies, lowering his trunks and freeing his 8-inch fat shaft. He groaned softly as he slowly stroked his cock, joining Cena and Orton in their motions as the look down at CM Punk who is getting his face fucked lightly erotica Triple H as he groans louder and louder by each thrust.

Triple H simply groaned, signalling for Stephanie to get down on her knees behind her husband as she softly takes his muscular ass cheeks into her small hands an spreads them apart, revealing her husbands erotica pink hole and hairless asscrack.

Stephanie licked her lips for a moment before immediately darting her tongue straight into the ass of Erotica H who let out a deep growl of pleasure. After an evening of wrestling and beers, Shayna and the producer finally have sex. In this week's edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we divulge from our usual format.

Instead of wwe stories - we have decided to visit Clips4sale. Erotica back, relax, and get ready for Clipsamania! In this week's wwe of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have one story to share with you.

Sarah can't help, but to watch and she eventually joins in with the festivites. Erotica the festivities complete, the Riott Squad convinces Sarah to allow them to throw her a bachelorette party. In Part IIthe bachelorette party r sexcomics getting ready to take place. However, before the party can get started, Sarah decides to kill some time getting reacquainted with her former friends, The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

Part III takes all of Wwe friends to a secret location, which turns out to be a secret club loaded with wwe of the men and alcohol that they could desire.

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Things quickly get out of hand at this bachelorette party. In this week's edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling with erotica, we have two stories to share with you. After spending a lot of time together since winning the Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins admits to Stephanie McMahon that he has feelings for her. Tension between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks has been rising for weeks.

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Stephanie McMahon calls them both to her office to settle wwe differences and things get heated. A few days later at an event put on by Stephanie, Alexa and Sasha once again go at it, but this time they are being joined and watched by Bayley. In wwe story,After erotica brief sabbatical in Mexico, Hana returns to Stardom and quickly has to figure out her feelings with Tam Nakano. This week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, dragon girl fantasy naked fucked three stories.

A lucky fan wins a contest to attend a local Smackdown and tour the backstage area. While backstage, Dean Ambrose notices her and decides to show her around. However, he struggles to control his emotions and soon finds himself throwing himself at the fan. Paige is also unsure about how Renee Young feels.

However, the two quickly find out that they have mutual feelings for each other. The third story sexy halloween costume xxx titled "The Wwe and Goddess. In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, brazzers sneaky mom have two stories to share with you. She is surprised to feel the way that she does when she sees what is going on.

Victoria, though, has captured Trish in erotica exact position that she wants her. John Cena and CM Erotica are excited to be on erotica date together. Unfortunately, CM Punk couldn't help himself and drank far too much Pepsi. During the movie, he accidentally pees his pants which turns John Cena on in a brand new way.

One evening, after a taping for Total Divas, the two get drinks at a bar. Eventually their feelings can't be contained and they both decide to start a new chapter wwe their lives. In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. In this story, Charlotte and Becky Lynch have been on a long and grueling tour. As a result, they have not had an opportunity to spend much time together.

When they finally get an off day, Becky can barely contain herself around her girlfriend. Charlotte Flair has a secret that she wants to desperately reveal to her best friend Becky Lynch. Charlotte wants Becky to know that she prefers the company of woman and especially has feelings for Becky. Becky is willing to allow her best friend to indulge in these fantasies. Asuka soothes her nerves by encouraging Bayley to masturbate with her. The Undertaker is allowed to wwe the kind of rough sex that he enjoys with this fan and Michelle also gets to join in.

At a show, Layla is embarassed about how aggressive her girlfriend Aksana is acting. However, the two haven't seen each erotica in awhile, and she eventually gives into her demands. The second story is entitled "Linda's Diary" Pt. Linda McMahon is lonely with Vince out of town. At first she decides that she will take care of erotica herself, however, things quickly change when her son Shane comes home early This week's edition of Wrestlerotica, wwe podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, features two stories.

After many months without seeing one another, Samoa Joe is finally reunited with AJ Styles, whom he has had relationships with in the past.