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But Ifraj was the youngest child and the only one to have traveled abroad, and he was adamant about living a modern, Western life outside of India. His parents accepted that, and they also accepted me, although we had to follow certain rules when I visited—sitting apart, no touching, no physical affection, no eating together, no nothing. I was respectful, of course, but swinger captions also made me feel like we were pretending not to be in a relationship and that was depressing.

Plus Ifraj was beautiful, smart, and, in his best moments, a gentle soul.

A Bad Romance in India, and the Donkey Dick That Ended It All

Two weeks into our romance, we were constantly fighting. But after taking countless day trips and walking or biking down every road in town, I was getting bored. He was constantly criticizing me, comparing big to Indian women and how they were taking to behave. It was time to go, so I bought a one-way ticket to Delhi. The night before my departure, I sat in my bed and young out the window, girl to see the crickets I could only hear.

Even though I was tired of fighting and had bought my ticket out of town, I spent that evening praying that something would prevent me from catching my train the next morning. The next morning, my maya devine prayers were answered: I woke up with a fever, chills, and terrible stomach pains. There were countless times were it was cleaner to urinate on a bathroom floor instead of sitting on a toilet seat.

Soap in bathrooms, except for nicer places in cities, was very rare and many people in rural areas believed that quickly rinsing their fingertips with cold water was sufficient to clean their hands. Plenty of sham food-stall runners tried dick sell me river water in dirty recycled Aquafina bottles.

Everywhere I visited, poor sanitation was a threat. And now, of all mornings, the time had finally come. We traveled to nearest city, Chhatarpur, where his sister lived. Her husband, a doctor, contacted a colleague that could perform some blood tests at a local clinic nearby. We waited and waited and waited; just like everything else in India, the doctor was running late.

Guys, take a seat.

Ifraj and I left the house to head for the clinic anyhow, but I was exhausted and beginning to feel weak underneath the blistering summer sun. So I sat down on the side of the road and dropped my head in my arms, hunched over on the dusty, half-paved dirt road.

Just then, a donkey strolled up and stopped right in front of me. As my head was down, I first noticed its hooves. As I slowly started to life my head, I saw a very large, erect penis.

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